If you have decided to get your nursing education through the University of Calgary Nursing program then you have made an excellent choice. Many who have made this choice start with the Undergraduate Program..

University of Calgary Nursing-Undergraduate Program

Students interested in entering this program can do so upon successful completion of their high school education. These students will then have to complete 8 terms in order to complete their undergraduate studies at this school. For those students who are making this career choice after completing additional education and perhaps hold a degree or are making a post secondary transfer, then they only have to complete terms 3 to 8.

University of Calgary Nursing-Graduate Program

There are many selections in the graduate program all of which are exciting but take some careful considerations, and these include:

  • Doctoral Program
  • Master of Nursing – Course Based
  • Master of Nursing-Thesis Based
  • MN-Nurse Practitioner
  • Post Master’s Nurse Practitioner

All of these programs offer some great choices but they also require a lot of dedication and the realization that it takes time to complete them. Students need to think about their future and where they want to go in their careers, in order to help them make the right choice.

The University of Calgary Nursing institution also welcomes international students. This gives those from other countries a wonderful opportunity to learn at a highly thought of nursing institution.

This nursing institution is intent on turning out graduates that have been educated for success. It is a career that is important to society on the whole and it can be one that will take the graduate through their years of being in the working world.

There are many different fields of nursing that a graduate can choose to enter which gives them the opportunity for diversity and choosing what kind of challenges they want to face.