If you are looking for one of the most modern nursing schools in Ontario then you may want to check out the University of Windsor Nursing Program.

This is a University that has been in the educational business of offering nursing programs for over fifty years. One may think that if an institution has been in business this long that its environment may be pretty outdated. However, to the contrary the University has just done a $4.2 million dollar expansion and without a doubt the results are impressive.

While the University environment is important the level of education being offer is more so. The undergraduate program here is extensive. Right from the first year students get to experience the nursing atmosphere in Hospitals and clinics. These clinical experiences at such an early stage in the nursing education are proving to be most valuable to the participating students. It allows them to get a taste of what their future will be like upon successful completion of their program. At the same time it allows some students to come to the realization that perhaps nursing is not the best choice for them. Better to find this out in the early stages of this type of education then to discover it several years into the program.

Another great feature about the University of Windsor Nursing is that students have an opportunity to live on campus where one floor is totally dedicated to the nursing students. This allows those that do so to participate outside of the classroom with like minded students.

The curriculum at this university is extensive and up to date and prepares graduates for a rewarding career in nursing. There are opportunities available here for those that want to expand their education and go further with their nursing degrees. The University of Windsor Nursing is a great choice for students who want the best.