There are some great nursing schools to be found across Canada and one that is known to be very good is the York University Nursing program. The program that is offered here prepares graduates for different positions within the medical field.


There are very few hospitals throughout the Province of Ontario that doesn’t have a shortage of nurses, in many of their different departments. Nurses that choose the appropriate programs at York University Nursing will have the opportunity to seek out employment in this area of medicine.

Community Health

With Ontario experiencing an aging population this is creating a greater demand for community health nurses. Many that graduate from this type of nursing program find that going into this type of nursing to be most rewarding.

There are some great options at the York University Nursing for program choices such as the Undergraduate Program and the Graduate Program.

The graduate level will take students through an intense course of studies that is a combination of human sciences and theory. It opens up many different opportunities in the health care system. For those that want to go a step beyond the registered nursing this program can take them to the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Level. Many graduates are excited about this as it allows them to take their nursing career to another level in medicine without having to go onto a doctorate.

This learning institution is up to date in both its facilities and its curriculum. For those that have their nursing diploma already and would like to increase their skills there is a fast track program that spans across three years that will allow them to obtain their Master of Science in Nursing. This is a 30 credit course.

Choosing the right school of nursing is highly important for anyone wanting to enter this career and for many the York University Nursing Program has been a great choice.