Deciding to take your nursing studies at the University of Alberta Nursing doesn’t just mean that you will be able to practice nursing in Alberta, but in fact means you will be able to do so throughout Canada.

The University of Alberta Nursing was the first University to have a school of Nursing in Alberta. There are many great reasons why this should be the nursing school of choice for those who have the opportunity to get this type of education in Alberta.

This nursing school is highly recognized not only throughout Calgary but across Canada as well. Many of the professors here are award winners at may different levels, and have authored textbooks that are being used in many of the nursing curriculums across Canada.

The University of Alberta Nursing offers both Undergraduate and Graduate programs. The approach taken in the undergraduate program is evidence based. Students are given many different types of exposure within the medical industry as possible to enhance their learning such as lab experiences that are hands on.

Students involved in some of the programs here get to enjoy first hand experience by taking part in clinical placements. There is no better way to learn than to be actually in the working environment of one’s chosen career.

Students who complete their undergraduate studies here will find it an easy process to continue onto the graduate studies that this nursing institution has to offer. Learning here is a pleasant experience as the students are well grounded and enthusiastic about attending here. The Campus is modern and makes up part of the health sciences facilities. The University has made every effort to ensure that this learning environment is going to meet all of the needs of the students here, and they are supportive of each and every student that enters their programs.