If you have decided that you want to become a nurse and are going to pursue this in Ontario then the first question that needs to be answered is, how to become a nurse in Ontario. These few tips should help to give you some insight about this:

Approved Nursing Programs

There are different levels of nursing that one can become involved in. For example there are RPAs which are registered practical nurses, and then there are RNs which are registered nurses. If you are going to hold the title of Nurse in any form then you can only do so legally by getting your education from the approved nursing programs.

To determine how to become a nurse in Ontario you will first need to decide what level of nursing you want to pursue.

Practical Nursing Programs

Your training must be taken at an approved facility that offers this form of training. This must allow you to become a graduate in the Applied Arts and Technology that will give you a diploma in practical nursing.

Registered Nurses Programs

Only facilities that are approved for Baccalaureate Nursing Programs can give degrees in this type of nursing.

Nurse Practitioner

In order to become a graduate as a NP you must become a graduate of a Ontario University of NP Program. There are different certificates that can be gained in this category of nursing.

All of the nurses training programs in Ontario need to be approved by the College of Nurses Ontario. They are able to provide interested parties with a list of approved institutions for the areas of interest in nursing that a prospective nursing student wants.

You will most likely find that you have several choices available to you no matter which level you choose. The final choice will be yours and should be made according to your particular circumstances.